How to Pack your Boards for Travel 

Surfers need to travel. It seems to me that discovering new waves, going on adventures and searching for that perfect ride, wherever that may be in the world is a prerequisite. In saying that, travelling with boards can be a real pain in the butt, and if you aren’t careful, you will end up with unsurfable boards by the time those baggage handlers are done with them. Here are a few tips to follow to ensure that your boards remain safe and cozy, no matter who gets a hold of them.

Buy the right sized board bag

 If you have a 6 ft board, don’t buy an 8 ft board bag and hope for the best. They will slide around, get dropped on awkward angles and won’t be able to be packed tightly and securely. This is very important.

Take your fins out

And do not forget your fin key! Come on, don’t be lazy. If you have glass on fins then you are in for a treat. Make sure you bubble wrap the crap out of those things.

Always stack your boards wax side up, and make sure your biggest board is at the bottom

  Make sure you keep towels in between each board so that they remain wax free and sleek.How to Pack your Boards for Travel

Strap your boards together

So that they come as a package, this keeps a stray board from sticking out on an angle and reduces the risk of a cracked nose or tail.

Put extra padding around the tails and the noses

Of each board. This could be in the form of wrapped towels, beanies, or heaps of bubble wrap (no, your padded bikini top will not suffice.)

Get some foam noodles and cut slits in them (yeah, the ones you use to hit people in the pool)

 These can go around the rails of the boards (or tails) to ensure that if they are dropped on their sides, the rails remain un cracked, and are able to bounce back from their abuse!

Overall we want our boards to be compact and heavily protected around the rails, nose and tail

Unfortunately a lot of airlines will charge you per weight rather than per boards (usually 2 max). When this is the case, it is best to use bubble wrap and noodles over towels and clothes as they weight considerably less and will save your wallet a beating. As you pack your boards safely, don’t forget about your self! Ensure you have travel insurance and the medical cremes, gels and tablets needed to keep you well on your trip.

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