How to Make The Best Ever Healthy Tasting Water

We all know that we should drink more water. Not only does water make us feel more energised, but it enhances our body’s ability to function on basically every level. This of course is necessary for anyone wanting not only to perform well athletically, but to simply get through the day efficiently. Though water is refreshing, I can admit that it can become quite boring and can easily be passed on and forgotten about without the correct intervention. Below are a couple of quick, easy and healthy ways to turn your plain Jane old cup of water, into a refreshing and delicious hydrating experience.

Fresh fruit frozen cubes

Cut up your favourite fruit into pieces or cubes and place in the freezer overnight. The next morning, take out and throw into your water bottle. These will not only act as ice cubes but will continue to infuse your water as they defrost. A couple of delicious fruits to do this with include watermelon, pineapple and mango.

 Cucumber and basil

 Cucumber and basil are a incredibly refreshing combination. By simply chilling and dicing up some cucumber pieces, grabbing some fresh basil and adding it to your bottle of water you will be surprised at how these modest ingredients can really bring alive the taste of your H20.

Use your whole fruit – add rind!

The rind of citrus fruits contain incredibly aromatic oils which will infuse your water instantly. Next time you go to squeeze a few drops of lemon, lime or orange into your water, grate some rind and throw it in. Your immune system will be thanking you for that extra dash of vitamin c.

Chilling herbal teas

Chilling your favourite herbal tea and leaving it for a few hours before you drink it is an incredibly tasty way of adding extra nutrients to your glass. Certain teas can assist in boosting the immunity, reduce bloating, cleanse the liver and assist digestion (just to name a few.) Pick a tea that resonates with you and how your body is feeling.

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Rosemary, lavender and sage

By adding freshly picked rosemary, sage and lavender into your water, you can expect to drift into a blissful state of mind while consuming. These 3 ingredients smell divine! Rosemary in particular assists in memory function so for those of you that are studying, slurp this concoction up! Can be drunk hot or cold.

Mint and ginger

These two ingredients go together like point breaks and jelly legs – very well! Again, these two can be served hot or cold and add a zingy and sweet taste to your glass with ease.

These are just a few suggestions

To get you thinking about ways to be creative with your water. There are many more mixes to explore and enjoy. Ideally, use ingredients that are fresh and organic as they will taste better and help to truely assist your body.  Use these ideas as an incentive to start a herb garden! Enjoy!

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