Professional Surfer Georgia Fish Talks Holistic Health, Balance and Success in the Water

Hey Georgia, introduce yourself. Who are ya, where are ya, and what are you doing these days?

I’m Georgia, G to my closest and Gfish to some. I literally just touched back to Melbourne airport after an over night boat trip in the middle of no where and 4 flights so I’m a little delirious. These days I do a lot of floating… mostly exploring, travelling, competing and spending any bit of earnings I get in health food shops.

What does a day in the life of Georgia look like?

To be honest I can’t really answer what a day looks like for me. Every day is literally so different… Some days will involve appointments and cafes, other days I’ll spend on my farm picking avos and cuddling my horses and dogs, some days on planes and in meetings, and then on the other hand I may be on the beach for the whole day… No real consistency haha but I just do what ever I need to/what makes me happy on each day.

From following your social media platforms you appear to be a very health conscious person, what started this interest/lifestyle?

My health means everything to me. I had a whole lot of health issues both physically and emotionally growing up… I had to learn in a really slow yet eye opening process that my body is pretty unique and extremely sensitive. Not only to foods, medication, alcohol, chemicals but also to other people’s energy and my environment/surroundings. So everyday I learn something new about what my body/mind wants and needs and I’ve finally learnt to listen and accept rather than ignoring and fighting it.

What is your nutritional philosophy? Does this relate at all to your surfing?

I’ve studied holistic nutrition for the past few years and to be honest my perception and philosophy is relatively simple. I believe in bioindividuality whereby every body is unique and different. I don’t think it’s a one size fits all kind of thing. Health is so personal. Being in tune with the intelligence of our body, listening to its messages and choosing a lifestyle and way of eating that is specific to our own personal needs is how I see it. I also think it’s extremely important to look at our emotional wellbeing as it can have a huge impact over our digestion, our absorption of nutrients and the way our bodies respond to foods.

How do you keep yourself balanced?

Keeping myself balanced can be really tricky at times considering my travel schedule and spontaneity. I think it’s important to accept that finding balance isn’t always going to be easy and that there will always be days of chaotic mess where I don’t feel like I have direction/purpose… But within those days I try to reconnect with meditation, sleep, exercise, breathing exercises just to be present. I think that’s it… Learning to be present and living in the moment. All those things I said above help me do that, no matter where in the world I am. If you let your mind wander to much to the future or the past, that’s where balance can truly escape.

Any daily rituals? 

I use essential oils on a daily basis to help with whatever is going on that day… I have a few concoctions like mushroom tinctures, greens powders, lemon water etc that I have everyday but it’s always pretty dependent on where I’m at and what I’m feeling.

What are the top three things in your opinion that contribute to success in the water? 

Success in the water for me comes down to being present, connecting with the environment around me and disregarding others opinions (although that can be hard considering surfing is a judged sport). It’s really different for each athlete, but that’s when I compete my best. I started competing purely out of the love of it so I feel it’s important to stay connected to that.

Any projects you are working on at the moment?

I just signed with a new sponsor (Pt.Nemo) which are a new high end surf/fashion brand and they are trying to get up and running by June so getting content with them and competing are the main two things I’ve got going on at the moment.

Any kind of quotes or messages you like to live by?

Something I read not so long ago… “Your physical body must purge, purify, cleanse, detox and be treated with respect and love. You must feed it the weird things it craves, instead of trying to live by old belief systems of ” how everything is supposed to be” or “they told me this”… Your guide is your body, your heart, your inner guidance.”

Who are your sponsors that support your lifestyle?

Pt.Nemo are my main sponsor now and I’m so excited about how supportive and passionate they are. I think we are gonna see big things come from them.


Awesome Georgia, excited to see what comes next from you! You can check out some of Georgia’s surfing below in her recent video “Elsewhere” Enjoy!

Featured Image: Diogo D’Orey


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