Surfer Teal Hogg Discusses “Surfing like a Girl” and Freedom of the Surfing Lifestyle


Hey Teal, tell us a little about yourself…

 My full name is Teal Grace Hogg, most people call me either Tee or Tealo. I am a Umhlanga Rocks, Durban local through and through! I’ve been surfing ever since I can remember – My dad taught me to stand for my very first time on a long board in Sudwana Bay at the age of 5. The first contest I surfed was when I was 9 years old, I won my u10 division and I haven’t stopped competing since.

Fitness seems to be a solid part of your lifestyle, how do you like to keep yourself fit for surfing?

Surfing for me is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. I surf and train everyday not just to keep fit but because of the rush I get from continuously pushing my mind and body to the next level. Surfing is a combination of core strength, balance, explosive power and endurance. To keep on my level I train in the water and out of the water. In order to maintain a fit lifestyle I fill my life with Pilates, Yoga, body weight exercises I’ve learnt overtime, sprinting stairs and long distance running. To push myself I use my Elevation Training Mask on 12 000ft. For high altitude training. Everyday surfing is growing as a sport and no longer over looked and laid back like the 70’s. I believe to be a professional athlete you have to put in 100% into all aspects, whether it be training or eating healthy.

What is the biggest challenge you face being a female surfer?

Being a female surfer is particularly hard especially coming from a country where there isn’t much support regarding surfing. I find the biggest challenge for me is being overlooked as “she’s good for a GIRL”. I’ve been surfing pretty much my entire life around guys and I guess the only way to deal with it is to push yourself harder and allow it to be your motivation.

How do you personally push your surfing?

 Surfing is as you make it! You can either paddle out with a positive attitude or a negative one! At the end of the day it’s all up to you! For me I push my myself everyday and time each surf as if it were a heat. It can be testing some days but it’s what makes me stronger and keeps me going.


Best way to improve your surfing? 

Persistence is key, practice makes perfect! To me improvement is all about failing one million times and succeeding once – the only way you will make a change is if you overcome your fears and believe you can do anything possible! Mentality is everything! Whether you sit for hours watching Mick Fanning do a round house till it’s repetitively in your subconscious mind or whether you go to the gym and physically do the movements till you get it right. That is the key to a successful improvement.

What is your personal philosophy on health?

My philosophy towards health is definitely whatever you put in is what you get out! A healthy lifestyle is 100% eating and 100% training.

Any daily routines?

I wake up at 5:45am and go surfing, then when I get back from a surf I do an exercise routine mixed with Pilates and Yoga (usually with my elevation mask.) After that I’ll either go for another surf or do my daily 6 km run! (I do explosive and resistance training twice a week Monday and Wednesday.)

Favourite thing about surfing?

Freedom! Surfing isn’t a sport where you continuously have a set routine that doesn’t have much variation, days will change, wind direction will change and swell will never be exactly the same! Surfing is unpredictable and I like to compare it to real life! For waves have choices and your decisions determine your life.

Thank you for your insights Teal! All the best for your future.

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