How “Surfing With Your Boobs” will Make You A Better Surfer

Alright hold up, what? Why are you taking about my boobs? And what have they got to do with my surfing? Well if we are going to get technical here…

So before you want to slam me about making some form of sexist marketing line to get your attention, I will defend myself by telling you that my most common piece of advice I give clients wanting to move above the intermediate stage of surfing is to to surf with their boobs.

Surfing with your boobs, is a memorable analogy to remind surfers to use their chest as the “steering wheel” to give direction for where they want their board to go. Plain and simple, surfing from this point in your body will provide a solid base for a strong and more technical style of surfing.

Need more of an explanation? Here we go…

Your chest and head are the driving force of your body. If you can manage your upper body to face a certain way, the rest of your body will follow. Without using this part of your body, it will be difficult to fully wrap your board around to where you want it to go. Below is an image that demonstrates the surfer turning their upper body or “boobs” back into the power source of the wave …

See how by moving her upper body back towards the power source, this allows her to pivot her arms and hips towards that section of the wave also, which transfers right through the board. By moving her entire body, rather that just one section of it, results in power and fluidity, and allows her to complete the turn as a nice wrap around maneuver, rather than a little half completed slash.

It can be helpful to think of your boobs as the headlights of a car in the dark. To turn, it needs to see where it is going to go, and in the dark, the lights need to be shone on the oncoming direction before the car ventures that way with safety. Again, here is another example of a surfer that has chosen to “shine the lights” back at the whitewash, to ensure her board follows through to complete the turn.

So as a reminder… what do my boobs have to do with my surfing?

  • Turning your boobs and head towards the power source as seen in the image above allows the rest of your body to follow through.
  • Driving with your boobs first allows for a smooth “wrap around” effect, and looks more seamless and less jerky. Think head shoulders/boobs, knees and toes – like the kids song!
  • Having a smooth style that includes using your body parts in proper sequence allows you to produce and maintain power and speed. These two elements are a surfers best friend.

So, next time you head out for a surf, imagine those boobs of yours as headlights, trying to shine the way through the night. They are there to help you – to drive you where you need to be. Remember through out all turns to keep compressed and if you don’t get it first try – don’t worry. Altering your style can take time and only though practice will we begin to perfect our surfing 😉

Keep surfing!

Ruby @ The Surf Box





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