Britt Kindred

(NZ Worlds Team, U16 NZ National Champion, NZ)

“Ruby has really helped inspire me with my fitness goals and it has shown with my performance in the water. She always focusses on what to do next but always makes you feel really proud of how far you have come!”

Sophie Turner

(Free Surfer, Traveller, UK)

“Ruby is an excellent coach who gives me really easy to remember and applicable advice for the stage of surfing I’m at. She always makes sure she focusses on my strengths as well as my weaknesses.”

Hanna Scott

(Competitive Surfer, Canada)

“Using video analysis coaching with The Surf Box has clearly shown me where my technique can be tweaked, and more often than not it was small changes that made the difference. Ruby always gives really easy to remember analogies to help me focus when I’m in the water.”

Bianca Sansom

(Under 18 National Champ, NZ)

The Surf Box has informed me so much in terms of nutrition and performance. Before working with Ruby I had no idea of the connection between the two. She always has really quirky tricks and tips which stay with you when you are out there. My technique has sharpened heaps since working with her.”

Laura Rindlisbacher

(Free surfer, Traveller, Switzerland)

Ruby at The Surf Box has really helped me learn how to get waves in a crowd. She has given me some really valuable information around creating speed and how to make the most out of each and every wave I catch. Such a powerful way to progress surfing.”


Gaby Sansom

(Open Womens National Champion, NZ)

The Surf Box really focusses on all levels of performance surfing. She has helped me with progressive manoeuvres, as well as tweaking up basics in my technique. I would recommend coaching from this site. I know that I will definitely continue to work with The Surf Box.”