Video Analysis Coaching


What is video analysis coaching and how will it help my surfing?

There is nothing more powerful than seeing yourself on footage to improve performance. Through our split screen analysis software, we compare your surfing next to that of a professional. By comparing your technique we are able to see how best to alter your technique to ensure you get the most out of each and every wave. Being used all around the world for a variety of different sports, video analysis coaching is an incredibly valuable tool for surfers wanting to move to the next level.

What to expect from the coaching

Each surfer will get a detailed analysis of their strengths, but mainly their areas for improvement through constructive feed forward. We use easy to understand analogies that allows the surfer to focus and remember exactly what they need to work on in the water. Analogies such as “the curtsy” “the punch” and the “chest cam” are some examples of applied work that has been used before. With clear points, screen annotations and voice over analysis surfers can have their video for life to watch over before every session for just $50.00 USD

Sweet, sounds good! What do I do now?

  1. Get some footage of yourself, ideally three-six waves that represent some typical surfing. They don’t need to be edited as we want to see what goes wrong! Note: this does not have to be the most high quality footage, as long as we can see what you are doing
  2. Put together the clips of your surfing and upload the movie to either Vimeo or Youtube.
  3. Fill out your details on the form below Pay through the pay pal service.
  4. Receive your analysis video within 5 working days and get ready to start achieving your goals!


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