What We Offer

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The Surf Box is a high performance surf coaching website directed at women. Here at The Surf Box we aim to assist women to reach their highest potential in the water. Surfing is still a very male dominated arena. Though there are more and more ladies in the lineup, we lack support, advice and coaching for females from females. The Surf Box is here to provide the following…

Video Analysis Coaching allowing the surfer to understand their strengths and areas for improvement. With a voice over description and visual annotations, this is a very valuable tool for any surfer wanting to move to the next level.

Free articles covering a variety of surfings most challenging questions. From detailed advice on how to complete maneuvers, to tips on how to over come fear in the water, fresh content is delivered to you every week.

Free recipes based with foods that are conducive to performance. We give you recipe ideas that include nutrient dense ingredients, that are delicious, and that promote muscle repair, immunity, vitality and strength.

A selection of free training videos to give you some ideas as how to train surf specifically. Here we provide quick and easy to follow videos that you can do at home or in the gym.

Coming soon 

Surf Training E books that provide 3 month training programs to ensure you are in your best possible shape for surf success. These E books provide a very structured framework for you to complete, progressing each week, with fresh and dynamic exercises to keep you motivated.