Why Train for Surfing?

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Surfing is a physically demanding sport which requires numerous energy systems and muscles groups. In surfing we are constantly utilising both our core, legs, arms, shoulders and back simultaneously. As surfers we are required to be fit for both endurance based exercise and short, sharp explosive movements. Wether you are battling the current, paddling for a increasingly steep wave, compressing to execute manoeuvres or just trimming down the line, our bodies require (and deserve) to be in top physical form to get the most out of our sessions in the water.

By specifically training for our most needed energy systems, we can short track our path to performance success by ensuring we have what we need in our bodies to perform with more speed, power, energy and flow. Many professional surfers incorporate dynamic training routines to give them a cutting edge in their competitive arenas.

Training for surfing (or any fitness work) should be fun. To make things fun it is often suggested that we mix up what we are doing so that we stay motivated and engaged.  The videos posted on The Surf Box aim to incorporate a diverse range of movements, equipment, and training styles to work on the following focus areas


cardiovascular endurance





Though through my training programs  I often focus on one group of muscles at a time, it must be noted that to be powerful it is not just “strength” but different muscles groups working together as a whole. It is the coordination of the brain, through the entire body, onto the board that allows surfers to perform. With this is mind ensure that not only you train for muscular performance, but for stability, balance, coordination and flexibility.

Overall, performance and training go hand in hand. You will not improve in your surfing if you do not spend time in the water. If you spend time in the water and refuse to train, condition and stretch the muscles in which you are using, you will miss out on the potential benefits that can fast track your performance, not just in the water but in other aspects of your physical life.

If you need motivation or ideas on how to train for surfing, head over here to follow some training programs that are designed with the needs of a surfer in mind. Now get out there and get sweaty!