Why You Need to Add Lemon Water to your Morning Routine


Many people assume that to really make a difference to your health you must adopt all sorts of arduous habits and routines to begin to feel your best. I am here to tell you – that is not true. The simplest of habits can, overtime have large effects on your body. Why not start today? It really is that easy.

By squeezing just half a lemon into a glass of water upon first awakening you are doing your body more good than you realise. Carry on to find out the effect this simple trick can have upon your health.

Lemon water in the morning…

Reduces inflammation by decreasing the acidity in your body (where disease states occur). It helps to remove uric acid from you joints, decreasing inflammatory annoyances. To perform at our best, we want to avoid inflaming our muscles and joints to be able to recover at an optimum level.

Aids digestion by loosening toxins in your digestive system. Drinking lemon water can also aid other digestive disorders such as bloating heart burn and stomach pain. Let’s face it, nobody wants to go and train when they are feeling bloated and slow!

Improves skin appearance by containing specific antioxidants. Lemon water assists the removal of blemishes and even wrinkles. Acting as a detoxifier, your skin can remain more radiant and alive. As surfers, we need all the protection we can get from ageing and drying out our skin.

Why You Need To Add Lemon Water To Your Morning Routine

Immunity boosting through the high level of vitamin C, you will be giving your immunity a boost right from the get go, before it is worn down by the daily wear and tear of our surroundings. When we are stressed both physically and mentally (this can include training) our body needs extra immunity to help our system keep in form.

Weight managing as lemons contain what is called pectin fibre, assisting the body to fight hunger cravings. Having a glass full of water before anything will also help fill you up the proper way and keep you feeling fresh and energised.

Liver cleansing as it assists the liver to flush out toxins by enhancing the function of your enzymes. As we have been sleeping, our body has been working hard – why not give it some assistance!

 Potassium filled, lemons can help the function of the nerves and brain through adding this important mineral to your system. It will also help prevent you from getting cramp in the water, and there isn’t too many things worse than that on a pumping day!

By adding small and simple habits like this into your daily routine, you can really assist your body to function the way it deserves too, helping you keep well and feeling your best.

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